When Worlds Collide: Social Media & Nordstrom

There are four things I take very seriously, swear by, and am arguably addicted to: Diet Coke, Leopard Print, Social Media and Nordstrom.



So, you could imagine my excitement as I had a revelation when my worlds collided. As I was sipping some bubbly DC at my local mall, I sent out a tweet mentioning Nordstrom from my iPhone  (decorated in a fabulous leopard printed Tory Burch case with pink accent, but I digress):

After I sent it into the Twitterverse, I decide to thumb through recent tweets from favs like @Inc, @FastCompany, @Mashable, and @BrandingMag to get the updates on what was happening today in the business world. As I was reading, a notification popped up on my phone…Nordstrom had replied to my tweet.

Not only was I relatively excited about the mention (and I must admit, how it could have improved my Klout score), but I was more so impressed with the turn around time and priority of fan engagement for Nordstrom. Looking back, every Tweet I’ve mentioned Nordstrom in, they have responded to. In their responses, they’ve included my name and addressed whatever I tweeted, and also follow you back. This personal touch is so important for businesses these days. Fans want to feel like they’re being heard and when they are acknowledged, the possibilities to grow relationship are endless.

Here are three past tweets to show the responsiveness and personalization I described:

Social media outlets allow a company to have a human voice and transparent presence. These platforms offer so many ways for a company to engage with an audience, foster a community (mostly via Facebook), and build relationships.

I’ve always been incredibly amazed by Nordstrom. The way they serve their customers is a large factor of why I’m so loyal to them. They make the customer feel important, like they’re a priority, and do whatever they can to ensure that they have had a positive experience shopping with them. In the past, I have received emails, phone calls, and letters from salespeople thanking me for my purchases a few days before, and would say that 98% of the time I had nothing but great things to say about them.

The way that Nordstrom has applied this strategic model to their Twitter presence should be mimicked by companies across all industries. Building relationships with your customers is one of the first steps to create long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty, which ultimately results in steady or increased sales. So ramp up your online dedication, actively monitor your “connect” tab, and start some conversation.

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